Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sketches and artworks on the go

Rolling Legend Episode1 - Johnny goes to Rollywood
A little glimpse of the work in progress: from sketches to colors

Brad - the coolest

Marylin - the Beauty

Sheldos - the Geek

Because, sometimes, images are better than a thousand words ^_^
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

May I introduce you the CRYteam?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
allow me to introduce you the craziest teammates ever seen!

This curious group of marbles, half humans, half gamers, half creatives (three halves are perhaps too many, but not enough, especially because they are half crazy too), which last year met to create the most ramshackle team of developers, is very small but it has all is needed to ensure the fun! 

This is +Alessandro the "first half" of Rolling Legend's brain; the most efficient and fussy guy I've ever met. Although he is a man all of a piece, his brain is divided into 20 and this allows him to live days of 480 hours. Don't ask me how. Every crazy idea comes by him (and Cristian of course, I'll talk about him very soon). He's also the Level Designer, which means, he tries to content me and keep up with my whims and this is something extremely difficult! :D

There's Cristian, the dark (and elegant) side of the brain. 
The Graphic Engineer... his task is not only place in the right place (a play on words ha!) all my messes and give them sense, in fact, he keeps upright the logistics and the graphics architecture of our beloved creature! As the dark side, he's always ready to conspire in the shadows, with his other half, to drive me crazy... But he's a nice guy and a very good artist, despite what he says about himself! :P

This is Aymen-Pure Architect.
He knows no other way than this one: "01100010011010010110111
You can try to describe to him the beauty of a color or the feelings that arouses you in a thousand ways, and he always will look at you as the cow looks at the passing train on the prairie! The beauty of the "01" is above all! But he's the Master of the Code! He's also a faithfull mouth of truth! And with him, the fun is guaranteed!

What can I say about our Cris (Tecnyoh) "The Music Baker"? He's a volcano! I'm proud to say that our musician rocks! Rolling Legend soundtrack rocks! Rolling Legend rocks...! Ehm... anyway... The nickname is not a mere coincidence! He churns out, fragrant, piece by piece, original music and not prepackaged assets! He and his headphones are one thing, as you can see, and they are doing an amazing job!

"And now, for something completely different" (thanks Pythons <3)...
The Hand! The labor, the low-rank manpower, even if I'm a delicate girl actually... I am the Pencil. So, if you have the urgency to insult the Art Director, feel free to talk to me! >_<
Now you can easily understand why I love being called Frandalì  (after a friend gave me the nickname for the first time), in honour of one of my favourite artists from whom I can dare to "take" only the mustache...

So, are we or are we not the most ramshackle team ever seen?

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Friday, January 10, 2014

DevDiary, Dec2013 Rolling Legend UNITY Renaissance

We’re back indeed!Woohooooo! 
It has been a long time since August and we’re really sorry, but if you’re the curious kind, you certainly have seen more than one thing changed in our website.
First of all, the homepage is now fully dedicated to Rolling Legend.
Yes, it deserves this treatment, It’s our prodigious child, our pride, our masterpiece after all, and we want to show it to everyone, around the world, with style.

Shire-Rolling Legend Game in Action by Frandali
Game in action - screenshot

Loading by Frandali

Second, now the site is fully mobile friendly, whatever your device, from smartphones, to tablets to the old dear PC, now all of you will be able to enjoy every single content, image, video, article. We work hard, and still we'll do it to upgrade and improve the experience of everybody.
Thanks to anyone who sends a little feedback to advice us! :heart:
Third, we sincerely want to thank who asks, wants more, looks forward to receive more info, photos and videos, about Rolling Legend. We listened your voice, this motivates us to work hard more and more, unfortunately we weren't able to put together enough material to make a video of the game worthy of the name, but we gathered a lots of ingame shots to show.

So please take a look! :happybounce:

Brea2 by Frandali

Library-Rolling Legend Game in Action by Frandali

We know what we promised, but there's been some important changes to Rolling Legend's basic design; this prevented us from getting to this appointment with the material that we set ourselves. We don't need thousand words, we only want to show you a symbol, a sign that represents the most important change.

For many of you who don't deal with video games's development, this will means not much, but for those who are in the industry, this symbol represents the evolution, the quantum leap that you want to give to your project and to your ideas.
We’re talking about the graphics engine UNITY.
Let’s start from the beginning.
Rolling Legend was born and raised in the great ecosystem of cocos2d (another graphics engine with open source license ) and everything went smoothly and everything was great until we realized, through continuous and repeated performance tests on the alpha version, that we actually reached the outer limits of the capabilities of this robust, yet limited, graphics engine. Cocos2d is a great engine if you want to achieve yet another clone of Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, but its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. So we decided to stop and think if we wanted to continue along the path of cocos2d, to compromise with the quality and the expectations we had promised to everyone, (including ourselves) or, citing the great game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, ” flip the table ”.
.. We decided to flip the table .
It ‘s so began a new brainstorm to identify the most suitable to our needs, to complete Rolling Legend without compromise, but rather ”raise the bar” of quality and possibilities. Thus, we come to the conclusion that UNITY would have been our response to the needs of beauty, power and portability.
This change of route, so to say, it was not entirely painless anyway.
Everything we made ​​so far with cocos2d was discarded as not importable or convertible in the new engine and this caused a problem: we had to rebuild from scratch in terms of design, everything that had been done and fixed, but...
Using UNITY now we can reach many more platforms and devices and this is a great achievement in terms of release rate of Rolling Legend for everyone!
As we write we have already planned to release in the same period, Rolling Legend on both platforms iOS and Android. All devices in both systems will be able to download and play, of course, according to their capacity and performance.
That is not all.
We have re-imported each asset and sounds to bring the firsts to (almost) a native resolution of 720p and the seconds to a high quality, very close to the stereo audio cd.
This will involve two facts: shortly after the launch of Rolling Legend on current platforms, we will expand the offerings, making it available for BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8, then for PC, Mac and Linux. Still not satisfied?

Then get ready to play Rolling Legend on your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo WiiU!
By the time that's all, but stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive more updates.
Meanwhile, we wish you a Happy New Year and as we say in the team:


Frandali the pencil :heart:


Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Great Level Designer can make the difference! RL first World is ready!

Hi everyone!
I Just want to show you the Level Designer +Alessandro Filipponi (@Gawenary on twitter) great job!

This is "eye in the sky" aka me, giving you just a glimpse over the first world of Rolling Legend, background after background! ;)

The deactivated Movieposter (game in action - screenshot)

Placing monsters and obstacles ;)

I'm so proud of our work! Stay tuned for more surprises! +CRYsoft Development

Thanks for watching <3

Frandalì's out

THE GRID: game design tests - because "being an artist" can be a problem ;)

Rolling Legend episode 1 - Johnny goes to Rollywood 

As in a nice adventure movie, also our story begins in an ordinary day, carefree...

The artist is a lonely, selfish Narcissus, although I don't see myself as an artist, but rather as an artisan of images (which argues in favor of everyone... I hate daffodils selfish), from the beginning of my adventure with CRYsoft Development as a game designer of Rolling Legend, I had hard times, arguing with the narcissist which lives in me. Working in team, being at the service of the group, was not a concept familiar to me, and it was at first, like living in a Grid. Because the painter, works alone...

The "artist" wants to put the signature at what he/she does, it is unlikely that a "lone" don't sign the shopping list if there's the occasion; it is a rooted tradition which after more than a year, I cannot get rid of, yet. Get rid of the urgency to sign any product of my pen... But often work in teams, it means don't put the signature and remain in the Grid. Everything is in the grid, from the gradient to the lines, each pixel must be in the right place and, above all else, must "weigh" the least! The pixel, the less it weighs, the better for everyone: for the level designer, the programmer, the musician... it must be so, otherwise your game is not in the Grid. The Grid was the stake, were the shears that clip the wings, the concrete blocks at the foot... "Who made ​​me to do it?"
Now is the opportunity to get in trouble... The journey is long and the Grid, tidies up the pixels, but certainly not the thoughts ;)

Frandalì's out ^_^