Saturday, November 08, 2014

Starting a new project soon!

I will start soon a new project as cartoonist for a monthly online publication.
I don't know what will come, but since when I work as game artist for "Rolling Legend", I had fun inventing my own cartoon style, and it seems that it worked well enough so far, because all the new commissions have required, a "Rolling Style"...
But this is the origin of Rolling Legend, a self portrait made for fun and some comic strips for a satirical book...

"chibi" Self Portrait

About the "Cinophilosophia" - strip for a Satirical Book

About the "Cinophilosophia" - strip for a Satirical Book

"Merlin" - strip for a Satirical Book

Beware! Falling Messengers

The King shows all his disappointment... annoying messengers!