Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Three, two, one... IT’S SUSHI TIME!

Three, two, one... IT’S SUSHI TIME!

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This time, we fly to Japan! Our secret dream: my own, in particular! We're waiting for our Computer Genius to return to full-fledged work and since we just cannot stay without doing anything, in less than forty days we managed to produce a new little game! A month of work on my part, to draw the general concept art, the assets, a clean and functional interface, japanese themed icons and buttons and, of course, our mythic Sushi Master, Hidekazu Sensei!
After a rapid breafing (with coffee and cookies) we decided to mix our love for Sushi and Japan with a classical amongst puzzle games! 

The result is a fresh and funny manga-style puzzle game, apparently with a gameplay very easy to manage, but hard to master! 

Under the strict supervision of the sushi man HIDEKAZU, have a good time in realizing fast combinations in horizontal, vertical or oblique to clear the dishes on the table! Show to the Sensei your culinary skills and recreate the typical Japanese food with fish, eggs, Nori algae and vegetables. You can also invent YOUR OWN sushi and try to surprise Hidekazu. More trio you get, more combos (therefore more points) will be gained. The Sensei will gifts you with the precious wasabi, soy sauce or the delicious ginger from the Lands of the Rising Sun. Be a disciple is only the first step. Work hard, gain worthy aknowledgements by the Sensei and deal with who want steal your title on the billboard in order to become the MASTER OF SUSHI!

Available for iOS and Android!
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Three, two, one... IT’S SUSHI TIME!