Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DevDiary – January 2015 Rolling Legend RELEASE

[…] “My dear Sam. For thirteen months, we travelled together on the Quest to destroy the Ring. Neither of us could have known when we set out the conforts of the Shire that we would journey through the most desolate wasteland, so full of enemies and evil. How could we have known? For not even in his most dangerous of tales did Bilbo ever speak of the plains of despair and pits of darkness that we encountered.” […]

-Frodo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings

Rolling Legend releaseYes, it has been a really long journey down the road indeed, but we did it. Hi, this is Alessandro from CRYsoft Delopment. I think the quote I used is quite perfect to describe what this huge project means to the team.
I was looking at our infrequent development diaries while I’m starting writing this one and I just realized that an entire year has passed from the project’s switch to the UNITY graphic engine. Now we’re about to release Rolling Legend and every single step we did it seems incredible for us. Looking at the entire project on his full potential makes me, so as Aymen, Cristian, Francesca and Cristiano, proud like never before into our lives.
We filled the game itself with a fragment of every of us. We spent several weeks to improve game performance on older devices and talking about this I want to highlight the most important aspect to us: we want an enjoyable experience for everyone, so we studied and created custom assets management for almost every device we could test.
Rolling Legend release is, while I’m speaking to you, just a matter of days. We planned the release initially on iOS system early this year, then on Android platforms and last but not least for sure, on Windows Phone 8. We need a bunch of days for the release on every platform due the different management of some game features, like the social ones.

Rolling Legend release FEATURES

We included into the first release many of the features we planned to add while we were running against time. For this, I would personally thank Aymen Mezni, our unstoppable tank coder who spent many, many days and nights to tune even the tiniest aspects (you’ll never see them, but there they are) of the interface and the game logics. Months ago I spent several words to praise the incredible job of our art director Francesca Velenosi, but when you’ll play Rolling Legend don’t forget that the amazing music you’ll hear was composed by our music designer Cristiano Ferr.. ahem TECNYOH :D who created cover tracks starting from original soundtracks. You will not believe what he has been able to do.
However, getting to the point and talking about Rolling Legend’s features list, this is what we are glad and proudly present to everybody.

SHINYBUY– IT’S FREE AND FULL. Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1 Johnny goes to Rollywood, comes for free and we don’t mean freemium but truly free. The in-app purchases we included are the add-ons you’ll need if you want a little help to achieve all game objectives and to discover every little concealed secret. If you are a gamer who loves challenges you can enjoy Rolling Legend without spend a cent.
- ITS VISUAL IS AMAZING. It doesn’t matter if you use a low-end smartphone or the ultimate device which enthrones into the stores, you will play Rolling Legend with an incredible and scalable graphics. What we achieved isn’t just a style exercise, we chose to realize the game like you’ll see it ’cause we believe that the quality of artisanal 2D games is quite over every production based on standard props. Every single object you’ll see on the screen is hand drawn. The colours have been carefully chosen according to certain stylistic choices in order to maximize the visual effect of each background. A perfect balance between style and technique.
- ITS SOUNDTRACK ROCKS. We are indie developers and this often means low budget and limited resources, but truth is we spend every single drop of our potential into every project we get involved in. We were concerned about music when we started working on Rolling Legend. We were concerned about what choice would have been the best according to genre, and style of the game we wanted to create. We needed music which meant something to us, a music which reminded everybody that scene in that movie, so we created as many cover tracks we needed to achieve this goal and the result exceeded every expectations.
– IT’S FRESH AND INNOVATIVE. Our first goal as games developers is to create amusement and to achieve this goal we had to build from ground something new. Each of us is a player, everyone on his level and each of us has loved his childhood games (all classics)  so we started from them to create Rolling Legend. We filled the game with all the best ideas we have put together and you will find them into the game: incredible powers to unlock, epic Bosses fights, cute friends to save, paparazzi photos minigame (ndr. to gain extra Shiny ;-) ), character customization and much much more.


In the end what’s missing now is your feedback, so what are you waiting for?!
Grab your smartphones and enjoy playing Rolling Legend!

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DevDiary – January 2015 Rolling Legend RELEASE