Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DevDiary – September 2016 Space Max and surroundings

12 settembre 2016 source: crysoftdev blog

Space Max is on the go!

Space Max...GO!
Space Max…GO!
Alessandro here. Summer passed (in Italy at least!) and so it went the hot temperatures, the infinite sweats and that Pokémon Go craziness which hit the world in its best moment to go outdoor. This wouldn’t be a complaint about the game which literally kidnapped the scene to anything else, it gained its success. It deserved it. This is just an observation.
Yeah, be an indie developer it also means this: learn to recognize the movements of the market, understand other developers’ choices and finally choose the perfect timing to act fielding the result of his own laborsThis is an amateur, but useful, advice: don’t be too eager to throw your game out! You could have the best game in the videoludic’s history but if you release the game in the wrong moment all of your efforts will be wasted because your potential customers’ attention is elsewhere.
So we have patiently waited, debugging, improving and upgrading our game to make it better than ever.
Space Max game design

Finally we have planned the best moment to release our next game Space Max. The”right time” is this autumn and it will arrive on all of your iOS and Android devices. We have much boiling in our caldron, as much is the work to do yet. Despite Space Max will be a classic endless jumper, our ideas about it doesn’t, so nothing of literally classic will be included in the game, just the genre. Enjoy this little display of art and concept design!

This is just a little sneak peek of the maniacal work of our art director (ndr. dictator) Francesca Velenosi, but it is enough to understand the style and the attention to details we have used to Space Max. If you are eager for more updates until Space Max release follow Max’s stories on his official Twitter account for live news.
The other big news is that we took onboard an incredible skilled 3D Artist to raise the bar of our productions, because meanwhile we’re on the run to finish Space Max but we just started brainstorming of our next game and this one needed a graphical supercharge!

DevDiary – September 2016 Space Max and surroundings 

What can you expect do you say? My mouth is well shut, but i can throw at you few hints: this game will based on an old glory from the past, the gameplay will be fast and furious (it’s not a word game!), the game will include two multiplayer models. We want all of these features to be crazy impressive into our next game, so we chased this unlucky friend of us (:D i can be a very annoying person) until he has surrendered and he accepted to help us into this new adventure. Follow us on our official Twitter account into next months to know more!
Last but not least, mind this statement: “Soon we will give you the war that you always desired … “ so stay tuned.

Space Max - In Space You Are Not Alone
Alessandro out.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Max conqueror of Cowa-426 wallpaper

A little gift for all my friends, I've make this wallpaper because I love this version of our Max, so cute and sweet

Max conqueror of Cowa-426 wallpaper

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Space Max - Game in progress

::INCOMING TRANSMISSION:: Emergency landing, repeat, emergency landing!

---Position: Unknown.
---Date: Unknown.
---ExtractionPod: Gone 
---Fuel: Just working on that... 

*clears his throat*
"Now that the flag is planted, I officially declare this planet colonized by the Traveler Monkeys!... 
Well, now how do I get home?

Space Max - Game in progress