Friday, February 28, 2014

A new Movie Poster

It's not difficult to guess what movie is! :D

His name is Marble, Johnny Marble!

As a Rolling Legend's designer, I'd like to talk a bit about our creation ^_^
Rolling Legend is a marbles story. The main hero you will play, is named Johnny Marble
He's a loveable and funny guy, who lives along his friends, in a happy and sunny place known as "Long Island Beach".

You will meet his sometimes strange, almost crazy (but never boring) friends and will live along them an incredible adventure.

Rolling Legend – Episode 1 Johnny goes to Rollywood will contain in the end, as many as 12 GAME WORLDS each with 10 LEVEL for a total of 120 levels of play.
We are working hard to ensure a high level of replayability to each level. Our goal is not to limit it to the mere achievement of the coveted 3 stars, at the best possible score (how many fast paced games you can find!), but rather taking care of the level design in every detail to create smart challenges, for a more exciting gaming experience. I want to dwell on the peculiarity that most of all, characterizes "Rolling Legend": the wonderful world of cinema. In this chapter of the game, you will find our dear Johnny jumping through some of the world's most famous film sets. We don't have simply taken the movies we loved or that were part of the collective imagination and thrown into the project; we have rather created a collection, analyzed and presented with our personal point of view. Our intent is to achieve great visuals, of the most important movies scenes ever made, remodeled and recolored from Jonny's point of view, then enriched all with a myriad of visual quotes and flavoured everything with irony. We chose soft lines and tones cartoon to make it even more fun.So now it's time to reveal some of the opponents you shall love the most…


Name: TAP-OH

These small clusters of tin are not much of a problem for Johnny, but be careful to underestimate them, some farther beaches explorers say they have spotted some VERY LARGE… The Tap-Oh usually wander along the beach in search of small shells to decorate their tin. Usually solitary, you can find them in small groups.


Compounds from the garbage of holidaymakers rude, the Trashcrab are the lazy inhabitants of the beaches of Rollywood. They love to soak up slowly in the sun to whiten their plastic wrappers and made ​​almost camouflaged. Trashcrabs don't like to hunt and won't pursue Johnny, but be careful to bother them, you may end up like a cuttlefish bone.


A long time ago there were lemons, and straws… Then one day in Long Beach Island have suddenly appeared the first specimens of Lemocopter. Nobody knows where they came from. Evolution? Nuclear tests? Government experiments? The truth is out there... Johnny is a guy who little loves being down-to-earth, at least when it comes to race! When he came across the first time in one of these things, has reassessed the pleasure to roll on the warm sand of the beachCute isn't they?! NO, They are terrible! The worst nightmarish creatures you shall encounter along your journey in Rollywood, and this is just the begin…  Like a videogame, better than a cartoon!
As you can see... sometimes, I love to draw parodies, just to show you the funniest side of Rolling Legend: the humour

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rolling Legend movie Posters in progress!

This is the part I most enjoy to draw, the posters representing the various worlds in which Johnny will be catapulted as the story progresses. I think irony is a powerful potion, and Rolling Legend, is its master distiller. Those who love blockbusters and especially their parodies, can't help but love little Johnny and his gang! ^_^


And this? Can you tell me what movie is?

guess what movie inspired this statue?

The journey continues, so stay tuned and Keep Rollin'
Thanks for watching! :heart::heart::heart:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Johnny's suits

Johnny is a fighter, stylish, but still a fighter! I show you a range of clothings which will be a very important part of the gameplay, then not only a mere exercise in style. I enjoy myself more and more, to draw these costumes, sometimes cool, sometimes really ridiculous and hilarious!...
he can be eccentric, but always with cuteness! 

 #indiedev #crysoftdev

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CRYsoft facebook Official Page

We have big plans, great ambitions, and we want to share what we do with love and passion with all of you. For this, we have also created the official page on Facebook. If you too love little Johnny and his gang, go at facebook.com/crysoftdev and click "like" Heart Heart Heart


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ouch! It hurts!


I'm proud to show you another screenshot from the Alpha Version! The second world!
What do you think about the graphics? ^_^