Thursday, January 09, 2014

THE GRID: game design tests - because "being an artist" can be a problem ;)

Rolling Legend episode 1 - Johnny goes to Rollywood 

As in a nice adventure movie, also our story begins in an ordinary day, carefree...

The artist is a lonely, selfish Narcissus, although I don't see myself as an artist, but rather as an artisan of images (which argues in favor of everyone... I hate daffodils selfish), from the beginning of my adventure with CRYsoft Development as a game designer of Rolling Legend, I had hard times, arguing with the narcissist which lives in me. Working in team, being at the service of the group, was not a concept familiar to me, and it was at first, like living in a Grid. Because the painter, works alone...

The "artist" wants to put the signature at what he/she does, it is unlikely that a "lone" don't sign the shopping list if there's the occasion; it is a rooted tradition which after more than a year, I cannot get rid of, yet. Get rid of the urgency to sign any product of my pen... But often work in teams, it means don't put the signature and remain in the Grid. Everything is in the grid, from the gradient to the lines, each pixel must be in the right place and, above all else, must "weigh" the least! The pixel, the less it weighs, the better for everyone: for the level designer, the programmer, the musician... it must be so, otherwise your game is not in the Grid. The Grid was the stake, were the shears that clip the wings, the concrete blocks at the foot... "Who made ​​me to do it?"
Now is the opportunity to get in trouble... The journey is long and the Grid, tidies up the pixels, but certainly not the thoughts ;)

Frandalì's out ^_^

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