Saturday, March 22, 2014

Need for feedBack!

:iconfrandali:Hi everyone!I need some feedbacks, by the "real people" about the graphics. All my friends and collaborators love me (because of my charming and funny way of being, not to mention my incredible artistic skills, of course! u_u ), so all the things I'm doing for Rolling Legend are wonderful, spectacular, the best!What I really need is raw judgement! So, what do you think about it, so far?

This has been the first draft of Rolling Legend's main poster! It's been a year by now...O_o Feeling old!

The pre-final layout of the main menù with the "sort-of-cinema-camera" buttons... Someone told me that the buttons are confusing and they not resemble cinema cameras... what do you think?

Main Menu
Once upon a time, in a beach far far away, a group of friends is having fun running in a race, but...
Please note that this is a comic strip, even though it has the game graphics, is a static image ^_^

Screenshot from the game in action

Screenshot from the game in action
Screenshot from the game in action

I'm trying to reach a colourful and funny game experience, so, is it "cartoonish" enough? All is well accepted, even the insults!
I've a sporting spirit Woohooooo!

Thanks for watching! :hug: :heart:

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