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Have you ever wondered what the word means?

Oh of course we all know the meaning of "independent", but what does it really means, feel indie?
For us it is work 16/24 7/7, be in five and do the job of 15 people, eat a lot of junk food in front of a poorly performing computer, have fun planning the next devilry, to draw or to encode. Working with passion and always having your brain in motion, even while you're asleep and, of course, it means wasting hours and hours of sleep.
But above all, it is a way of being... being a part of a community made ​​up of unique and unconventional identities, proud to belong to themselves.
For this reason we want to leave our mark, our sign, with the #imindie tag and Colorado Johnny seems the perfect testimonial to spread our message, what do you think?

Be proud to belong to yourself!


Get your #imindie badge and greetings card!

Join the community. ;)

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