Saturday, May 16, 2015

CRYsoftdev's brand new Logotype & about Skiddy

It's been a while since the last time I posted in my own blog!
The thing is that we were so busy during the realization of our brand new game Skiddy, that we forgot to spread the news about it...
With Skiddy
we embarked on a new path, since our projects on Rolling Legend as a console game are still fresh on our minds and we're waiting to start, we worked hard on a new game on commission: Skiddy for Neveplast® to be precise!
So we thought to give a radical change to our previous life as group and teamwork.

First step was the restyling of CRYsoftdev's logo, reviewed in its colours and shapes, but with the same soul of the old one.

CRYsoft Development Logotype 2011

CRYsoft Development Logotype 2015

The second step was not a change of style neither a change of direction or purposes.
We will always devote our brains and our efforts to create smart games with clean and simple graphics and music but in more lighthearted mood, thus we decided to accept every challenge and also work for others!
So we started to design Skiddy about six months ago, with Neveplast®'s advices and worked on it for two and half months. A very smooth, clear, and fast job... the best clients! They knew what they wanted, always confronting with us with sense and intelligence! I accepted the challenge and I really had fun in drawing it, even if I'm not good with technological or mechanic things :P

So what comes next is the release of the game on the App Store first. It'll be available for Android and WP afterwards.
More details to come in the next blog entry!

For now, enjoy the prototype of the Home screen!

Stay tuned and do not forget to keep Rollin' ;)

CRYsoftdev's brand new Logotype & about Skiddy

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