Friday, March 07, 2014

Rolling Legend Showfloor

Hi folks!
In the past months, you have seen parading down the red carpet Johnny's friends as you would expect in a great kermesse.
A group of pranksters who knows how to stand on stage with ease, in perfect Rollywood style. It is time to reveal another character, but before that, let me show you another time the members of the gang presented so far! ^_^

So, Give a warm welcome to Sheldos!
What can we say about him? Well he is a geek, but one of the good ones that always helps Johnny during the hour of computing. He loves science fiction movies and video games, don't call him Nerd. He also loves to hunt down the last edge technology to impress his friends. His favorite movie, needless to say it is "The Matrix".

Talking about Brad, the cool guy. Beloved by the Rolling team and… by the girls! How could it be otherwise, with a smile like that!?
Although Johnny often beats him in "coolness", he doesn't mind, they have always been great friends!
He loves the competition, and faces every challenge with a sporting spirit and with his phenomenal tuft always in order. But above all, he loves to be in the spotlight. His motto?
- I'm like a bad penny, I always turn up-

And now, guess what is his favourite movie ?!

Someone once said that "men prefer blondes..." and Johnny?!
Well, Marilyn is definitely, "the blonde" and even though she appreciates very much Brad's enjoyable company, Johnny doesn't gives up (lately he is even managed to get a date).
Marylin loves to spend hours preparing her make-up, she is a real admirer of nail art and literally adore Pilates. She's never been a great movie lover as much as she loves the television series, but after met Johnny she started to appreciate in a rather unexpected way, some movies definitely out of her standards...

Her favorite quote: "When something must exit, must come out!"


Cleave is the earthquake, so to speak, of the group.
With his eloquence would be able to sell refrigerators to Eskimos and convince Willy Wonka to launch himself on pretzel's bussiness... His favorite subject is astronomy and Johnny, jokingly calls him "the Starman", a thing of which he's very proud!

He loves cinema to madness, especially science fiction (and how could it be otherwise!), and often his imagination leads him to wander in galaxies far far away...
He talks in his sleep and, during camping, Johnny would swear to have hearing him mutter: "The coolest, my father is!"

Here's the "sweetest" character of the wacky team of Johnny, we're talking about none other than Donut!
Our fluffy hero is the first and dearest childhood friend of Johnny since the time of Ridge Racer School for Gifted Marbles. Donut has always been a playful and also quite lazy lad, and perhaps because of his attitude wasn't well accepted by the other students. One day, Johnny found him sitting on the edge of the training track while (very sadly) he was devouring dozens of glazed donuts. Johnny looked at him curiously and said something that sounded like this: "Hey, if you keep that way at the end, you'll roll away!" For a moment they stared at each other, both quite surprised, then the two of them burst into laughter. Since that day Donut became the shadow of Johnny, following him in all his reckless adventures. Surprisingly, Donut is a really brave. He loves his sweets and never misses a chance to eat as much as possible. He loves the cinemas halls with large comfortable seats, where you can sink and eat popcorn in peace.
His favorite movie? The Lord of the Rings.

The strange and unusual -,-BGCC^_^
The most sensitive and delicate friend of Johnny... She can become very touchy and cut your head off if you dare to offend the things she loves most: her roses and her friends...
So, beware, keep your hands away from the roses if you care that your head remains attached to the neck!

The veteran of battle tracks, Sven!
He doesn't like to talk about himself, he's the Action Marble, the silent one, the keeper!
He's in love with a Queen and he doesn't even know it...
His battlecry: "Less talk, more rolling!"

Here we are to present you "The Artist" of the craziest marble gang ever seen!
Guess what is J.J.'s greatest passion? But the music, of course! He may seem a bit eccentric, even crazy, but he's just a maverick who pays no attention to form, but only to the substance! The only gang of which is at the lead is "The Rollings", his unrestrained rock group! Get ready to go crazy over the notes of his piece de resistance:
"Keep Rolling!"

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