Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DevDiary – March 2014 Rolling Legend UNITY Evolution

Hi, this is Alessandro from CRYsoft Development. I’m the Project Manager of Rolling Legend and today I'd like to talk “DIRECTLY TO YOU” (Thanks Mr. Iwata) about the game main features, but before I want to show you the last masterpiece of our art director Francesca aka Frandalì.

Warball - Rolling Legend

Well, inspiration is almost clear. Isn’t it amazing?
This will be one of the available game worlds at launch of Rolling Legend. Something you saw over past months and more of these have yet to come, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Meanwhile we can speak about everything you sneaked on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and we can deeply explain the mechanics of the game itself.


First of all some QA time. To people who asked this, Rolling Legend is an unusual running platform game about marbles. Everyone just played marbles once in childhood at beach, or into alleys, with friends. You know all about the rules of the original game, now, forget everything you think to know. We took the the Marbles Game bringing it into a toon version world filled in with comic mischief, movies and yes, “madness”. This is the premise of Rolling Legend. I would now answer a specific question about the graphic: this is the graphic of the game, not just promotional artwork. EVERYTHING you will see, interact and play with, is original and fully hand drawn by Francesca Velenosi, our art director. Rolling Legend is an eyes joy so as static as running, outstanding on every smartphone and tablet. About this i can confirm right now, thanks to Unity cross-platforming, it will be released into universal app on yours mobile devices and tablet (relative to every OS store), translated: download once and play everywhere. Speaking around movies, somebody asked me which ones will be included. We have chosen some of the most impressive, imaginary catching, epic, blockbusters of last 30 years. Some you can just view right there, about the others, well, you will have to “..follow the White Rabbit” …

Bringing the conversation to its core, the more pressing question has been: why would i play Rolling Legend? Answer is quite simple. Because it’s a game unique in his genre and more of this because it’s really funny. We’re offering everybody a game by old style flavour that you’ll love to play and replay, a game where graphic art and music melt each other so deeply to become pure visual digital art.
In the end the success key of Rolling Legend is the fun itself.

Sixpack suiteLet’s speak about game mechanics. I dare say that the concept is really simple. You will control Johnny, the chameleonic marble guy, the hero of Rolling Legend, like into a classic platform game.  Your objective is to save all your friends and to do this you’ll have to gather into each world as many “Shiny” stars as you can to find out the “kidnapper”. Does it sound easy? Remember 2 things: you are a marble not the “famous jumping plumber” neither an “heroic hedgehog”, this mean you will roll far and away if you aren’t careful to gain speed, second, enemies won’t give you rest into all over your quest. One last little detail: you’ll have little time to do everything because this is a race with no rules, but Johnny is an hero after all, the hero of Rolling Legend, so it can do it.
Many of you asked about Johnny’s clothes and this is the deal about Johnny itself, his dresses. Everytime Johnny will save one of his friends he will gain a new set of clothes, sometimes shirt, sometimes hats, sometimes glasses etc.
Every set of clothes give him a new power, so Johnny will be able to transform itself in a meteor or jump higher, or even to stop time. You will able to combine up to 2 powers together and make Johnny more incredible to reach inaccesible before places to gain stars or wipe out hard enemies in front of your path in one glimpse, or gain crazy light speed, and so on.
There is only one way to find out where you can get Johnny: “… Keep experimenting my son”
Thanks for watching! <3

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