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Space Max: The Unepic Space Odissey

   by FrandaliMay 16

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 Italy, May 10th, 2017 
Destination: Earth
Flatus Engine: ON.

Get ready for the noisy take-off! Help Max, the little Ape Astronaut to come home with his hi-tech jetpack featuring the famous and eco-friendly prototype energy. Jump through space thanks to this prodigious gas that will make you fly higher and higher!

After a crash landing on Cowa-426, our brave hero Max discovered that the only way to go home is by using the power of his powerful flatus. Help him collect metal scrap to build more powerful suits. But beware! Pay attention to space cows, asteroids, and terrible pitfalls hide by the universe.
Remember: you can only count on yourself. Do not be embarrassed, because in the end... better out, than inside!

  • Space odyssey of unepic proportions with a fart flying monkey
  • Custom spacesuits to build up the ultimate uber ultra mega spacesuit
  • Gorgeous hand drawn graphic. Every, single, pixel
  • Crazy leaderboards to determinate the best farter in the World

Developer: CRYsoft Development based in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Publisher: Tiny Games based in Rome, Italy
Release date: May 10, 2017
Platforms: iOS - Android
website: www.crysoftdev.com
regular price: FREE

Every reference to the word "fart" concerns the Android version of the game. Because of the restrictions imposed by Apple guidelines, we had to adapt the game to make it conform to the standards required for anti spam policies.


Alessandro Filipponi – Project Manager
Alessandra Merlini – Localization & PR
Aymen Mezni – Lead Programmer
Cristiano Ferracuti – Music Composer
Francesca Velenosi – Art Dictator

Space Max: The Unepic Space Odissey

Teaser cartoon n° 1

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