Sunday, May 07, 2017

So long... And thanks for all the Bananas!

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Here I am again! Though I haven't published anything for so long, little has changed. I'm still the Lead Artist and Art Dictator of the absurd and funny video games created by CRYsoft Development, drawing characters and assets as usual. It's been a long time since I'm not very active lately and many have definitely forgotten me. But starting over is never a bad thing, so here I am! Let's start again!
The last year has been very harsh and tough, but very important, to me and to us all.
It was a period of changes, successes and some bad lucks but we endured and we’re still here.
Our new game Space Max, is right behind the corner. Max is an adorable and somewhat mischievous monkey who is going to make a long journey in space to reach a distant planet where he will acquire a special superpower that will help him return home! But I won't go any further with the spoilers. I hope that anyone who will have the opportunity to play Space Max, will enjoy themselves in surpassing the records of friends and collecting the gears to get the most unlikely space suits;)
We ended up the main development and we entered the beta test to polish the game even more. We’re listening the feedback of everybody who decided to join the testing phase (talking about it, if you would help us to improve the game or just send some of your impressions please write at spacemax@crysoftdev.com).
Thanks to some “unexpected encounters” along the road, the launch has been delayed to May 10th 2017. This unexpected encounter was the meeting with the guys of redBit gamesa renowed games publisher from Rome (Italy), which really enjoyed Space Max and then decided to publish it.
So we're almost there, I'm a bit nervous as I always am when a project I've working on is about to be released.
I hope you guys will enjoy the Game, meanwhile I'll post some of the comix I made for advertising and for social media activities!
Until then...

So long... And thanks for all the Bananas!

Frandal√¨ Out =)

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